Weight Management program

Healthy Weight Loss Program

ElectroSlim is committed to your health and wellbeing. We offer a healthy weight loss plan and management program tailored to each individual clients' concerns and goals. 
The Madame Et Monsieur Eating Plan has been designed by a world leading Nutritionist, the author of two books, Dr SE Sash M.B. B.C.H.(Rand), M.M.S.A. (London) (L. Nutrition):
- Diet Obesity - Thin Edge of the Wedge
- Mind Over Platter

Dr Sash also ran the Obesity Institution at Guys Hospital London for two years and has a diploma in 'Fat Metabolism' from UCLA. Dr Sash says of the eating program he has designed for Madame Et Monsieur, he is very confident that it fulfils the five basic criteria of a 'good diet': 
  • calorie reduced
  • nutritionally adequate
  • socially acceptable
  • financially feasible
  • within limits and variety

Our aim is to assist you in losing weight in a healthy but rapid manner. Our weight loss plans will help you lose fat, never muscle, correct your metabolism and leave you full of energy, longevity and self confidence.
We may suggest organic supplements if needed. This is mainly to keep a strong immune system during your weight-loss journey. 
We offer a variety of body treatments that can be included in your weight management program.
Electro-Therapy - for muscle toning and firming
Multi Polar Radio Frequency & Magnetic Pulse Therapy - for skin tightening, cellulite reduction and circumference reduction.

Client Testimonials

"I am 13 and I have lost 30 pounds with the therapy and the diet system. I have dropped from a 32 in. waist size to a 29in. waist! I am feeling great and i'm still losing weight!". Matthew
Electroslim by Madame Et Monsieur muscle rehab